Friday, October 1, 2010

first highland adventures!

Greetings fellow humans, aliens, and other life forms! I've returned just last night from a 5-day adventure in the highlands of Scotland, someplace I've wanted to go every time I've been here. Most of the other travel times here have been like a working vacation with the band, so the time was slimmer. But now, wow! The time finally came along. Back to the beginning of this week...

I have to think for a moment...Ah yes. My good friend Nora graciously allowed me to store my stuff at her flat. I awoke there Monday morning, checked the internet for an update from my new sibling-friends Shelley Krycer and Benk. We met late last week, and made plans to confer about some kind of northward exodus. Meeting at the Forest, we decided to make haste and catch a bus to Inverness. We got there, made our 1-minute walk to our hostel, the Inverness Tourist Hostel. I highly recommend this hostel - it was clean, the staff were very friendly, not too expensive, and they had a piano and an acoustic guitar for playing. (I was given a very nice compliment by a man listening to me play piano: "I was feeling very narrow inside, and your music gave me space." How nice is that!)

We ended up spending two nights in Inverness. During that time, our first day was filled with getting down to Drumnadrochit, which is quite near to Loch Ness. We did a nice day hike of a few hours length, taking photos, talking, and just generally enjoying being in the trees. It was the first time for me to be out of the city and feel some earth under my feet! What a beautiful country.

From Inverness we took a bus down to Fort William. We had originally thought of going to Isle of Skye but decided Fort William was more in the direction we were headed (more towards Glasgow), and that getting around places in Fort William would be easier. So, arriving on Wednesday, we got a hostel and did a day walk around the town, following the West Highlands Way a bit from downtown over to the locks on the Caledonian Canal. (Caledonia - the Roman name for lands north of Brittania).

The next day was the big one. We got up, got some foodstuffs together, and started our walk to Ben Nevis. Obviously not as tall as some other mountains, this was still a 5-hour hike for us up to the very top of the ben (scots for mountain). We were lucky to have some very good weather - no rain, and very little cloud cover, which allowed us to have some AMAZING views! Needless to say, my legs and knees were very sore by the descent. But this was one of the highlights of the highlands trip. I feel proud to say I hiked the tallest mountain in the British Isles!

Some more pictures:

that's all for now. Off to London tomorrow to meet up with Phil! I'll be spending my birthday down there! :)

love to all of you readers out there! xoxoxo


Daniel said...

Loved your narrative! When you get around to writing more than a handful of words per missive, you're captivating. Loved your writing, and look forward to enjoying many more lengthy descriptions of your adventures on this blog.


Cibarius said...

That second panoramic made my jaw drop. Amazing views. Moar pics!